Go Sundays

On our Go Sundays we join as teams to live out our faith in different ways using the gifts God has given us, to bless our community. The current options are below
Messy Church
(Meeting in OTC hall)
A community of all ages and backgrounds that love creativity and want to reach out amongst families and children (big and small). Messy church has three main elements: food, fun and faith. Going this GO group if you like the sound of this. 
Queensridge team
(Meeting in foyer of Queensridge Court)
Queensridge is a residential complex for older people on our doorstep and we have been invited by staff (person of peace) to go in to befriend and offer activities. A collective from all ages and backgrounds willing to GO to be amongst the residents. 
Showing Gods Love/ Justice Group 
(Buttons cafe)
This group is for those wishing to play their part to see ‘justice roll on like a river’ in our church and the world. 
Lydia Harrold is looking for people who believe a church and world without oppression is possible, if that’s you please join this group. 
We’ll meet to learn more about a variety of injustices that members of the group are interested in, and see how together we can play our part in tackling their root causes, acting as beacons of God’s love for all in our broken world. 
DIY and gardening team
(Meet in church foyer)
For those with practical skill sets or simply like to be kept busy. This could include such jobs as decorating, weeding, repairing things however there are other jobs such as tidying and deep cleaning rooms so don’t worry if you aren’t handy with a wrench or a saw. 
PLEASE NOTE: Come in clothes you don’t mind getting dirty. Also if you have specific expertise do let Lee or Dave know.
KCC Creatives
(Meet in sanctuary)
For those who love being creative (arts and crafts, music, writing, film/video, etc.) this group will be gathering to explore how to share the good news through creativity on  Good Friday. 
Who/where is God asking you to GO?
Passionate about OTC and Buttons Cafe?
Maybe its CAP? What about the community choir? Sports?
Maybe its mental health issues?
Like you there might be others who share your passion and if so come and speak to Matt so we can help explore together if you could help lead with others a new GO group. 
Maybe God is wanting to inspire and send you and a collective out into our community to see lives transformed.